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A Fantastic Tale That Reinterprets All We Know.

      On December 6, 1917, a tremendous explosion ripped across Halifax harbor. A French ship laden with explosives collided with a Norwegian ship and created the largest man-made blast in human history prior to the development of the atomic bomb. At least 1,782 people were killed. The pressure wave wiped out everything within a half-mile radius.

      On December 5, 1917, nothing was heard or felt from the blast. Energy travels forward with time, not backward. Energy seeks to cure an imbalance. That simple statement says a tremendous amount about how our world works. The Phoenix Discovery is a marvelous story as well as a fresh explanation of all the complex systems that surround us. If you have a curious mind, you will love this novel.

"This book takes everything I thought I knew and rearranges it into a completely different and much more useful understanding. This is the explanation I have been missing for so long."

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This book will stretch your imagination and then fill you with real-world problem solving skills.

      If you have ever felt left out because you didn't take advanced calculus and didn't pay attention in physics class, this book is for you. Whether your interest is biology, computer science, finance, or social systems, this book gives you what you need to know in simple to understand language.

Comment From the Publisher

      It's natural to wonder how the world around us actually works. Unfortunately, for many people, much of what happens remains a mystery. Linear cause-and-effect is a model many thousands of years old that our schools still teach. If it works so well, why is it so hard to produce an accurate weather prediction? The Phoenix Discovery introduces The Nomothetic Theorem, a new way to understand complex dynamic systems. As enjoyable to read as it is fascinating, it won't disappoint.

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